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America - Home of the free, land of opportunity. We are free to choose a healthy life. We have free speech. We have the power of our core values. Every day, we support what we believe in. Think of what you spend your money and time on. Are those things what you truly value? Do they lift you up or weigh you down? Our media and society wants us to consume mindlessly. We are bombarded by images of what to buy or what to eat - a new car, a better beauty product, new clothes; burgers, fries, pizzas, etc. This capitalistic, consumer and materialistic "world" is bad for our health, our happiness and our environment. Today, commit to being free of everything that does not serve you and focus on what energizes and empowers you. Declare your freedom from mindless consumption.


I am healthy and free.
I love myself and know that I am beautiful just the way I am.
I choose to act for my highest good and contribute to the greater good.
I buy only what is essential because I have more than enough.
I support companies/ organizations that share my core values.

I shop at the Co-Op and the Farmers Market. I buy local and seasonal produce.
Dream- A community garden where I can grow and harvest my own food.


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