Beach Yoga

Breathing is something we automatically do and take for granted. Yet most of us tend to breathe shallowly. Yoga teaches conscious deep breathing. Breath work is important if you want to have more energy. The Chinese call it Chi, in Hindu it is Prana or "life force". When you practice yoga, you connect breath with movement and as you build heat or Prana, you are a force of life.

Benefits of Breath work or Pranayama:

1. Calmness and peace
2. Create harmony of mind, body and spirit
3. Clears blocked or stuck energy (reduces inflammation)
4. Increases energy, enthusiasm and positivity
5. Brings clarity to the mind and health to the body

Did you know that Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath) can help you calm anxiety, a buzzing mind and reduce stress?

Do you want to detox your body? Then try Kapalbati Pranayama

Feeling fatigued? Then try Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellow Breath)

* It is important to practice these techniques with a yoga teacher in order to experience the full benefits. Experimenting on your own is not advisable.

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