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I'd like to announce the latest blog post on my book's website, The blog is called "Bold Parent Advocate." It was created to help parents become the strong advocates their children need them to be in support of their education. This week's blog is titled "American Education Disparities - What's Changed?"

Black children and other minorities still often have to attend poorer schools with less qualified teachers. Black children - especially the boys - are often targeted to be tagged as behavior problems for minor offenses, and labeled ADHD (which is impossible to medically prove; it's a purely subjective opinion "diagnosis"), when the truth may be that they are justifiably bored to death in an inappropriate class placement. Schools don't tend to look for advanced giftedness in Black children; they're blinded by their negative bias and low expectations. In BEYOND MIS-EDUCATION, Part 1 is a case study showing how public school teachers, administrators, and counselors ignored all the testing and other evidence of a Black boy's profound giftedness, endlessly limiting him to age-appropriate classes where he had to sit through lessons teaching what he had mastered several years earlier. Naturally, he had trouble paying attention, and of course they said he had an attention problem. At one point, they even suggested he was unteachable and needed Special Ed! Homeschooling saved him and freed him to test into an early college program at age 14. Part 2 of the book gives parents reference information about advocacy and alternative education options when public school just doesn't work out.

A school where the culture is biased against Black children can take a child that starts school highly intelligent, talented, and excited about learning, and make that child hate school and end up staring down the school to prison pipeline -- if parents aren't there to intervene. It's 2017, but this has not changed.

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